Intelligently Improving Healthcare



Business Intelligence

Unlock insights for performance improvement

Waiting List Improvement

Reduce waiting lists with predictive analytics

Patient Flow Streamlining

Optimise service capacity, including bed management

Operating Room Efficiency

Increase theatre utilisation and throughput

Workforce Planning

Simplify complex processes for efficient rostering


We’re fast and flexible

Our agile approach and cloud technology allow you to streamline operations without the need for complicated IT infrastructure or lengthy implementation. We work collaboratively to deliver solutions that meet your specific needs, and as your requirements grow and change, we change with you. 

We know our stuff

Our team of data scientists have a deep understanding of healthcare and are skilled in translating complex technical healthcare requirements into intuitive, automated reporting processes that save time and money, and improve patient care.  

We’re driven by results

Results delivery is central to our BI philosophy. We unlock actionable insights to deliver measurable improvements quickly.  

Who we support

Secondary Care

Facilitating operational excellence at a departmental or organisation level

Urgent & Emergency Care

Helping drive efficiencies in all unscheduled care settings

Community Care

From mental health to specialist multi-disciplinary teams

Social Care

Local authorities, schools, NHS and charities

Primary Care

GPs, pharmacists, dentists

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