Secondary Care

Driving operational excellence

The Long-Term Challenge

To help tackle the challenge of rising demand and dwindling resources, hospitals are constantly encouraged to embrace digital technology, reduce admin, buy better, improve quality care, cut prescription spending and slash the number of clinically ineffective treatments.

It’s a huge and incredibly complex challenge – requiring accurate, meaningful, data-driven insight to help drive positive change.

Business intelligence is at the heart of improving performance


Embracing digital technology – we drive improvements across all areas of secondary care areas and functions – using data-driven insights, predictive analytics and intuitive performance monitoring.

Better buying – we optimise healthcare procurement, from manging stock turnover to joining up needs across organisations.

Improving patient care – we automate complex processes and provide the tools to make evidence-based decisions – helping hospitals run more efficiently and safely, and improving patient outcomes.

Reducing admin costs – we analyse data from HR, Finance and Operations to identify savings while ensuring they are safe and ethical.

Cutting prescription spending – we evaluate spending, prescription use and patient outcomes to accurately forecast need, identify cost-effective alternatives and reduce waste.

Eradicating clinically ineffective treatments – we provide clinicians with meaningful, actionable data to make informed decisions.


Delivering Measurable Improvement

Across secondary care, MedModus’s BI Platform and fCast waiting list reduction software has reversed spiralling waiting lists and demonstrated measurable improvements in operational performance.

Case Study

Read how a general hospital merged data from several systems to give a true picture of performance across scheduled and unscheduled care pathways

Why Us?

Unlike many others, we’re responsive, know our stuff and are driven by results. We don’t see why you should have to wait months for implementation, be frustrated by inflexible reporting, or log change requests that disappear into the ether.

We understand the demands of an ever-changing healthcare system. Our data scientists create flexible solutions that evolve and change with your requirements – so you’re always on top of your operational performance goals.

Case Study

Read how a university hospital reduced rostering admin time from 200 hours to minutes.

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