Emergency Department Analytics at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital saves 36 person days per year


Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital (“OLOL”) Hospital is a public hospital located in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland. It is managed by RCSI Hospitals Group and provides acute medical and surgical services as well as maternity services to the catchment area of Louth, Meath and the surrounding hinterland including parts of north county Dublin. The hospital employs more than 2,100 staff and treats over 40,000 inpatient and daycases per year. OLOL’s emergency department (ED) sees over 56,000 patients per year.


Laborious daily ED report created manually each day

ED management were spending an hour each day (30 minutes more on Mondays to include weekend figures) creating a manual performance report for circulation. The information was taken directly from the Patient Administration System and entered into an Excel sheet. In addition to the report taking up unnecessary time, it was subject to manual errors due to the large amount of data involved. The report was also static, meaning if changes were made to records on iPMS after the report was generated, metrics on the report would not update.


ED analytics report automation

MedModus worked with the ED management team to understand how the existing report was generated and how best to automate it. Most of the report is now fully automated and generated directly from iPMS data. However, some metrics relating to Covid 19 pathways rely on “on the floor” knowledge, meaning not all patients who are referred to a Covid 19 pathway can be identified via iPMS. To account for these patients, MedModus created a form where an OLOL user enters the MRNs for these patients (0-2 entries daily). These are then identified in the MedModus data model, the report is generated, and circulated automatically to a mailing list.



Time saving of 5.5 hours per week creating the report, equating to ~36 working days per year.


Improved report accuracy due to reduced human error.


Dynamic versus static report meaning previous days figures update if records are amended following report generation.


Re-direction of time saved to patient flow improvement not manual reporting.

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