Streamlining Anaesthesiology Staff Scheduling with the MedModus Rostering System


Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) is one of Ireland’s largest level 4 academic teaching hospitals. With 562 beds, 12 on-site operating rooms (OR) and 4 off-site day surgery ORs and 21 intensive care unit (ICU) beds. The hospital operates on almost 10,000 patients per year.


Manual rostering in the face of increasing schedule complexity

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic, the introduction of 4 off-site ORs and the opening of a larger ICU facility were adding to scheduling complexity and increased risk of staff scheduling errors. The anaesthesiology department needed to automate staff scheduling and easily handle growing schedule complexity.


MedModus’ Solution

MedModus deployed its Roster Management System (desktop and mobile app) to fully automate the creation and management of anaesthesiology staff schedules in on-site and off-site locations. MedModus also implemented its roster optimisation service to handle on-call rosters for junior doctors and certain Consultant on-call rosters.


Benefits of implementation included:


Administrative time savings associated with producing and managing rosters.


Roster optimisation logic that ensures fair distribution of shifts worked


Built-in shift assignment intelligence ensures roster co-ordinators could instantly fill roster gaps or make swaps with appropriate replacements.


Improved team communication with push notifications via a mobile app to notify team members of shift changes as they happen.


Shift change functionality on mobile app.


Leave management functionality ensures leave can be requested, approved, and factored in roster allocations.


Clinician work plans and working time preferences are easily considered.


Junior doctor training rotations are automatically factored into roster.


The application is being extended to surgical specialties for integrated staff scheduling across the OR complex without the need for additional system implementations.


The MedModus Rostering System is an essential part of how the Department of Anaesthesiology is run in relation to scheduling clinicians. It saves time with creating rosters and assists roster makers with shift allocation decisions. We are looking forward to seeing the benefit of the solution across the OR complex when rolled out beyond Anaesthesiology to surgical specialties.

Tallaght University Hospital, Chief Operations Officer

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