Waiting List Reduction

Providing You With

Automated reports – showing capacity, service demand and activity across a whole site, department or consultant waiting list

Accurate forecasting – capturing improvements and predicting realistic impact

Performance monitoring – dashboards to track improvements against forecast

Capacity Utilisation – comparing actual and expected activity levels

Tasks module – for easy monitoring of improvements, accountability and delivery

Highlighting inefficiency – identifying under-utilised capacity and predicting the impact of increased demand

Reversing the Trend

There are 6 million people on waiting lists in the UK and Ireland – up 25% in the last 4 years. MedModus’ waiting list improvement approach focuses sustainable improvement underpinned by fCast predictive analytics.

With services pushed to breaking point, fCast helps reduce the operational burden by intelligently analysing data, delivering valuable insights and providing the tools to optimise capacity and reduce waiting lists.  

Forecasting with Confidence

fCast’s service capacity insight, predictive analytics and improvement accountability helps healthcare organisations manage and improve waiting list performance. 

By unlocking insights within the data, fCast allows healthcare organisations to predict how best to optimise all available resources – reducing inefficiency and delivering a better patient experience.

“fCast’s predictive analytics gave us valuable insight into the likely impact of various improvement initiatives. We’re now on track to reduce our ENT, Neurology and Urology waiting list by 3,000 patients in 12 months – at no additional cost to the hospital.”   

Lucy Nugent, CEO, Tallaght University Hospital

Delivering Organisational Benefits

Powerful insights – identifying gaps in service and scheduling practices

Implementing sustainable improvements – creating long-term waiting list reduction through data-driven insights

Better patient care – more efficient service leading to improved outcomes

Quantifiable benefits – delivering significant return on investment

Driving accountability – helping clinicians and admin staff to adopt best practice, creating a high-performance culture

Our Approach

Delivering waiting list improvement across multiple specialties, specialists and departments is challenging. We help healthcare organisations deploy a structured approach that delivers predictable and sustainable improvement.

  1. Understand Service Capacity
    Ensure a clear understanding of demand, activity and the gap that needs to be met to reverse waiting list trends.
  2. Analyse Activity Effectiveness
    Analyse activity versus expectation and plans. ldentify inefficiencies. Benchmark against best practice patient pathways.
  3. Identify Improvements
    ldentify improvements and their impact. Financial impact assessment. 
  4. Predict Performance, Set Targets, Plan
    Forecast waiting list performance. Set monthly improvement targets. Succinct project plans with clear accountability.
  5. Implement and monitor
    Implement improvements and monitor closely.
  6. Systemise
    Ensure sustainability and extend implementation.

Case Study

Read how fCast reduced waiting lists for a university hospital by 30%