MedModus Roster
Management System

MedModus Roster Management System (RMS) is a comprehensive clinician e-Rostering solution for surgical, anaesthesiology, cardiovascular and other hospital departments.

The software streamlines the creation and management of staff schedules ensuring enhanced communication, fairness, and improved resource utilisation.

Our implementations add value beyond typical rostering deployments – ensuring fairness, and scheduling staff to maximise capacity utilisation and reduce waiting lists.

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Customisable staff module

Automatic roster generation

Shift assignment intelligence

Mobile App

Leave management


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A single system

Streamlining the creation and management of anaesthesiology and surgery staff schedules.


A flexible interface

Suiting varied departmental needs and managing complex constraints.


Assignment intelligence

Easing roster management decision making for co-ordinators.


Roster optimisation logic

That saves you time by letting us handle the development of fair on call rosters.


Instant schedule change notifications

Via desktop and mobile applications for improved team member communication.


Actionable insight

Via analytics dashboards with the ability to relate RMS, OR and PAS data for improved capacity utilisation and demand led OR allocations.

The MedModus Rostering System is an essential part of how the Department of Anaesthesiology is run in relation to scheduling clinicians. It saves time with creating rosters and assists roster managers with shift allocation decisions. We are looking forward to seeing the benefit of the solution across the OR complex when rolled out beyond Anaesthesiology to surgical specialties.

Tallaght University Hospital, Chief Operations Officer

Rapid effective deployment

Our healthcare rostering system deployments follow a proven stepwise methodology that includes confirming your requirements, implementing tailored solutions to meet your needs, and training users and co-ordinators. We provide responsive support pre- and post-implementation to ensure requirements are delivered and value beyond rostering is achieved.

Roster Optimisation Service

In our experience medical rosters we review are rarely designed optimally. Shifts are not assigned evenly; team clashes result in doctors being away at the same time and individual requirements such as training and personal leave are not adequately considered. Furthermore, medical workforce teams or clinical leads spend inordinate time trying to produce complex rosters. Our roster optimisation service guarantees fairer, more effective rosters and will save you time.

MedModus has saved us so much time. The support from their team of healthcare rostering analysts and the quality of the work they do, is great. The quick turnaround time of their optimised rosters is important to us while we manage new intakes of doctors.

St. Vincent's University Hospital, Senior HR Executive

How we support Our Customers

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Critical role of real-time staff scheduling across multiple surgical locations

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University Hospital Galway

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St. Vincent’s University Hospital

Reducing Medical Specialty On-Call Rota Clashes by 99%.

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Streamlining Anaesthesiologist Staff Scheduling with the MedModus Roster Management System

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