MedModus Rostering

Optimising your medical rosters in minutes

Providing you with

Fair shift allocation – workforce rostering across multiple teams and grades based on complex rule sets

Optimised workforce planning – eliminating the risk of same specialty doctors being rostered on the same shift
Annual leave management – holiday requests are built in, reducing the need for staff to swap shifts
Rapid implementation – fast, remote deployment with support every step of the way
Customisable interface – intuitive interface, configurable to your specific needs
Summary reports – search and filtering functionality for specific timeframes, specialties, and staff members.

Removing the headache of workforce rostering

People are your most valuable asset, and also the most expensive. Creating rosters can be time-consuming and prone to error due to the complexities of scheduling for a 24/7 hospital. Mistakes lead to frustration and disputes which could affect levels of patient care.

MedModus Rostering ensures the right people are in the right place at the right time – taking into account recently worked nights and weekends to make rosters as fair as possible. An optimised workforce means happier staff which leads to happier patients.

Case Study

Read how a university hospital reduced roster planning from weeks to minutes

Delivering organisational benefits

Huge time and cost savings – workforce planning is reduced from weeks to minutes and penalties for breaching working time standards are avoided
Confident workforce planning – removing the risk of duplicating staff with the same seniority or specialism on shifts, taking the pressure off stretched medical and surgical teams
Happier workforce – fairer rosters leads to reduced stress and improved relationships across the hospital
Transparency – search and filter on interactive reports to evidence compliance with the needs of staff, specialties, regulations and timeframes
Improved patient safety – ensuring staff with the right mix of skills and competence are available on every shift.

Easy, intuitive, stress-free

Workforce planning can be incredibly stressful for those creating the rosters as well as for staff who may feel they are not being listened to. MedModus Rostering combines roster generation for ALL doctor grades – thereby avoiding clashes and meeting the complex needs of the hospital and individuals.

MedModus Rostering allows workforce planning teams to create complex rosters quickly and confidently with support instantly available whenever you need it.

“Producing these rosters was a real headache for our department. The number of factors to consider made it time- consuming and prone to error. The automation of this process has resulted in fairer rosters with fewer errors and saved valuable HR time.”
Sharon Larkin, Human Resources Director, Tallaght University Hospital


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