Operating Room Efficiency

Planning With Confidence

Operating Rooms are complex and costly to run in any hospital, with teams performing over 2,300 different types of surgeries across the UK and Ireland, so maximising efficiency is central to delivering care quality, cost savings, and improved staff morale.

But Operating Rooms cannot be reviewed in isolation when trying to understand their effectiveness.

Every step of emergency and elective care pathways needs to be understood and analysed to help operational teams make informed, impactful changes that range from minimising delays and improving patient safety, to optimising resources and workforce allocation.

Looking at The Bigger Picture

It’s only through analysing processes across the wider hospital network that real, sustainable changes can be made.

Our detailed approach to maximising Operating Room potential considers critical interdependencies such as:

Demographic-driven shifts in the surgical and medical mix
Conversion rates to surgery from outpatients
Bed capacity and staffing levels.
“MedModus’s Theatre Capacity Review for Temple Street Children’s University Hospital was very comprehensive. It went beyond merely studying existing capacity to incorporating future demand factors associated with children’s outpatient waiting lists and medical inpatient bed requirements. The review, complete with detailed supporting analysis and recommendations, brought clarity to the theatre capacity decisions we had to make for the future”
Mona Baker, CEO, CHI at Temple Street 

Challenging The Status Quo

Our patient-centred analytical approach shines a spotlight on scheduling, identifying under-utilisation and providing evidence to challenge the status quo – suggesting new, effective ways to minimise emergency wait times and surgical waiting lists. Our data-driven evidence informs operational change that not only benefit Operating Rooms but helps drive improvements across the entire care pathway.
Our suite of custom Operating Room dashboards in the MedModus BI Portal allows you to identify:
Underutilised operating lists
Patient flow improvement
Cost reduction opportunities.

Case Study

Read how MEDMODUS brought clarity to theatre capacity planning at a children’s hospital