Patient-Flow Streamlining

Challenges To Providing Effective Care

Increasing demand, poor communication and different ways of working across different services can create operational gridlock when for healthcare professionals trying to provide quality care, and can lead to delays, waste and a poor patient experience.

Building A Better Experience

By improving the operational flow across the whole health and care system increases service quality, productivity and better patient outcomes.

Our analytical approach identifies the bottlenecks and provides the data-driven evidence to support decisions that create a smoother flow of patients, staff, departments and organisations along a pathway of care – saving time, reducing costs and removing frustrations.

Case Study

Read how a general hospital merged data from several systems

to give a true picture of performance across scheduled and unscheduled care pathways

Using Analytics To Improve Operational Performance

A structured data-driven approach to patient flow improvement is vital in healthcare settings under relentless capacity pressure.

Our analytical tools help you to:

Understand care pathway flows and the critical bottlenecks that lengthen patient experience times
Analyse length of stay across specialties to find opportunities for shorter stays and faster Emergency Department ward transfer times

Ensuring fair bed allocation and expected length of stay

Optimise opportunities for medical and surgical ring-fencing
Track delayed discharge flows and identify opportunities for earlier supported discharge