Workforce Planning

Removing The Rostering Headache

Workforce planning can be a time-consuming and prone to error. Scheduling staff with the right levels of expertise, taking into account multiple duty rosters for doctors, weekends, annual leave and working rights, can be incredibly complex– especially when rosters are managed by more than one department. A mistake or unexpected staff absence could create potentially unsafe staffing levels.

Making Manual Spreadsheet Planning a Thing of The Past

In order to provide consistent, safe and high-quality care, medical staff need to be optimally deployed.

Automation of workforce planning removes the administrative burden and allows departments to produce fair, accurate rosters in minutes, not days.

“Producing these rosters was a real headache for our department. The number of factors to consider made it time- consuming and prone to error. The automation of this process has resulted in fairer rosters with fewer errors and saved valuable HR time.”
Sharon Larkin, Human Resources Director, Tallaght University Hospital

Simplifying The Complex

Our advanced mathematical optimisation model allows healthcare teams to produce rosters that take specific requirements or restrictions into consideration, including staff, resources and payroll.

Case Study

Read how a university hospital reduced rostering admin time from 200 hours to minutes.